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ISMYCV is an easy to use website connecting Job Seekers and employers Australia wide. It’s a free service that builds essential resume writing skills through the use of superior software, creating resume profiles that stand out from the crowd. By using ISMYCV, you can update one or more resumes as new skills and qualifications are developed. This feature allows resume profiles to be deactivated for periods between job hunts while also being kept up to date for future use. A photo or video can complement a profile, boosting the chance of discovery and giving potential Employers the opportunity to learn more about candidates reviewed online. When a resume profile is complete and activated on ISMYCV it can be viewed and shortlisted without charge by hundreds of Employers who purchase download credits to obtain a Job Seekers contact details and get in touch with them directly. In addition to these services you can choose to purchase a resume writing pack which consists of communication with a resume writing expert and results in the creation of exceptional CVs. These packs are designed to cater to individuals ranging from high school or university graduates right through to industry professionals and managers. So what are you waiting for? For more information on ISMYCV or to register for free follow the link to

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