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296 Mill Point Road, Perth Southern, WA 6151
Phone: 0422 708 036 Fax: 61422708036

About Plastic Glasses -

Swish Plastic sells Australia's finest range of unbreakable shatterproof polycarbonate glasses including plastic wine glasses, plastic beer glasses & more. If you are using normal glasses for daily purposes you might definitely know the real headache behind caring and security of those glasses. They are not at all durable and flexible as compared to plastic glasses. Hence today’s generation has switched to a better decision switching themselves to plastic glasses.

Services offered by Plastic Glasses -

Swish Plastic's polycarbonate drinkware is virtually unbreakable - it will easily withstand day to day usage but may break if subjected to extreme force. Whilst our plastic glasses are scratch resistant, the surface will ultimately scratch through general wear and tear, if the polycarbonate glasses are stacked together or if they are washed with an abrasive brush. Polycarbonate glasses may contain traces of BPA.