Criniti's Southern Italian Cuisine

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291 Church Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150
Phone: 0296350311 Fax: N/A

About Criniti's Southern Italian Cuisine

Criniti's, Church Street Parramatta, is the location of its first restaurant which opened its doors over 7 years ago. Criniti's was originally founded simply to afford Sydney siders the opportunity to experience authentic Italian food in a restaurant environment. First of its kind, offering simple yet flavoursome dishes which today are rarely found on the tables of the oldest of Italain family homes. With dishes like Bresciole, stuffed potato mash, filled with pancetta and shallots lightly fried and panzarottini, lightly fried pizza dough pockets served with a chilli tomato coulis, Criniti's transports your senses to the traditions of authentic Italian gastronomy founded in farthest of villages nestled in the South of Italy. At the award winning Criniti's restaurant, the pizzas are served piping hot from the woodfired oven with fresh buffalo mozzarella (optional) still bubbling on the top. If you wish to try something different but certainly the only of its kind in Sydney, sink your teeth into a Panzarotto. Pizza Fritta is a Neapolitan street food which enjoys a cult-like reverence amongst the locals. With smoked ham, tomato and mozzarella cheese sealed between two layers of pizza dough and deep-fried until crispy. If you've overdosed on pizza, Criniti's have an extensive menu, with steak, seafood, pasta, pollo and dozens of starters to choose from. Dessert anyone? You can't go past their famous nutella, apple crumble or banana pizzas. Yum!

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